Monday, July 14, 2014

The Sad End to a Great Mission!

Perhaps someone will be looking at the blog today and wonder at the heading. First let me tell you about last Wednesday, July 9!

About 5:00 p.m. rain began to fall. That wasn't surprising since it rains most afternoons/evenings in Puebla. But about 1/2 hour later we could hear hail beating on the windows in the mission office. The office Elders were so excited, opening one of the windows to catch the hail. They decided to go outside when we saw it piling up.
Elder Tobon from Washington State

Elder Sanchez from Chiapas, Mexico

Leaving the parking area behind the office area into the snarled traffic!
It was like snow had fallen!!! The streets were rivers and it was treacherous going home. When we got there, through the snarled traffic, we found our beautiful flower garden ruined!! The hail shredded the leaves off of the trees and plants all over the city!! But our little flower garden looks so sad!!
The large plant on the left was a gorgeous poinsettia!!
Well, that's not the end of the story!  Tom has gone into a deep depression and nothing seems to be bringing him out of it. We are very worried because he is getting worse every day; so Salt Lake sent us home on Friday! We're so sorry!!
Us fixing dinner together!
On Thursday the office Elders--Sanchez and Tobon--and the Assistants to the President, Elders Packer and Scott, and President and Sister Stellmon took us to lunch at Chili's. What a wonderful farewell party. They had the waitresses and waiters sing to us "Happy Anniversary" and, since it was our 51st wedding anniversary in June, we were pleased and honored to celebrate!

The next morning we left at 7:10 on a flight through Dallas, Texas, toward home.

From the plane across Puebla toward the volcano Popocataptl

Beautiful clouds as we neared Utah
Looking down on Utah County, the Y on the mountain!

We want you to know that we so hoped that Tom would get better and be the same wonderful, happy person he was when we arrived. He still is wonderful; just not happy!! Thank you for your prayers and love. There is a purpose for all things. We don't know the reason, but it is right that we come home. We LOVE each one of you! 

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