Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Farewell and Bienvenidos!

Before President and Sister Reeves left the mission for their home in Gilbert, Arizona, they held one more meeting with the missionaries, called a "change meeting" where they welcome new missionaries and make new assignments throughout the mission.
New missionaries and their trainers with the Reeves

Lopez, Reeves, De La Rosas
Four missionaries on the back row
are going home!

It was a time of goodbyes for the counselors and those missionaries who came to the end of their service.

President Reeves surprised Marilyn for her birthday!

It was time for President and Sister Reeves to leave. They went to the mission home to finish up things for the new president and his wife. They picked up the Stellmon's at the airport around 7:30 p.m. and oriented them until about 2:00 a.m. Then they were gone!! We miss them so much!!!

The next day we were blessed to welcome a new mission president, President Stellmon and his wife, who are from Boise, Idaho. They will be a great blessing to the mission. President Reeves told everyone to open their hearts and their arms to the Stellmons and that is what the missionaries have done. The Stellmons are very sweet and humble and capable.
The Stellmons with the Assistants to the President and the housekeeper, Mari

We enjoyed meeting with the mission leadership council where the President wished to meet these great young people who are the leaders.

Last Saturday, which was our preparation day, we cleaned our house and weeded our backyard before the storms hit--we get thunderstorms every afternoon and evening especially! Quite a site and very deafening, as well as VERY wet!! Lots of flooding throughout the city!

The people of Mexico are amazing at their ingenuity in finding ways to support themselves. There are no government doles! We thought you'd enjoy seeing this clever trick! People give them about 2 pesos each. They get in front of the traffic at the light, so you're entertained while you wait for the light!

Traffic is still the bane of Tom's existence!! Here are a couple of pictures of the street heading toward the mission home! The one on the left is what the road looked like just before we got to the one on the right (see the blue markers)!

We want you to know that, despite the difficulties of the mission, we are enjoying our association with the missionaries and the adventure of life in Mexico. We love the work of the Lord and the opportunity to stand as witnesses of Christ at all times. On the side of our car are the words "La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias." It's a great advertisement.

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