Sunday, June 22, 2014

Changes coming

President and Sister Reeves are coming to the end of their mission. We went to the mission home one day to help prepare a dinner. We had heard that workers have come and "stripped" the home, getting things ready for the new mission president. It was a shock to them to walk in and find furniture gone and painting being done without having said anything to them. I thought you'd find it astounding to see the changes. When we visited Robert and Janet in September, the first picture you see was the beautiful dining room, looking toward the living room. The next picture is the kitchen with the cabinet doors removed, and the next picture is what happened to the dining room table (out on the patio, covered with plastic because this is the rainy season)!

We were invited to dinner because the Reeves had invited an investigator to come to dinner, who they had met at Costco, and had been fellowshipping for a year, and wanted us to meet him so we could continue to fellowship him after they are gone. Below you can see the dining room with small tables placed together, covered with a table cloth and some folding chairs and the kitchen chairs!!

 Last Saturday night the Valsequillo Stake President invited us to a dinner at the stake center in honor of President and Sister Reeves. The stake president is 20 years younger than President Reeves!! The picture below is the members of the stake presidency, those who had served as counselors to President Reeves over the years, and leaders in the stake and their spouses. We were invited because I'm the hermana mayor (oldest sister) of President Reeves!!!

Last week we went to Atlixco with President Reeves and his wife and, while there, we bought some beautiful flowers. When we moved into our apartment, we had a very ugly flower bed. We planted our flowers and will post their progress. Hope you like what we've done. We need to get a gardner with a machete to get rid of the palm tree spike!

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  1. Looks very cute! That will give dad something to garden!