Monday, June 9, 2014


We arrived at the Puebla Airport on May 3, 2014
President Robert Reeves (he is my youngest brother) and his wife, Janet, met us at the airport. We will be staying with them in the mission home until our apartment is finished. It needs a lot of fixing up, but looks like it will be nice. 
We accompanied the president and his wife to District interviews throughout the mission. The picture below is in Nealtican, near the volcano Popocateptl, which spews ash once in a while. There was a small earthquake while we were there.
 The Assistants, with the President, his wife, and us, met the new missionaries arriving from the Mexico MTC. The missionaries from the Provo MTC arrived another day. Their orientation was in English, thankfully, so I could learn more!! The other is a picture of the new missionaries, with their companions and the President and his wife.

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  1. Wow! Marilyn, your brother is tall!! What an imposing influence on those cute missionaries! I hope you've acclimated by now and we'd love to see pictures of your apartment. Hurrah for Israel!!